Thursday, April 18, 2013

My First Child Is Graduating. Please Pray for Me.

I was recently asked if I would write a BLOG…funny thing is, I really didn’t even know what a BLOG was exactly, haha! I’m still not sure I’m the girl for the job, but I thought if I didn’t try, I would never know. So, here it goes ---
I am a full-time, stay-at-home wife and mom of three amazing kids. Jordan is 18, my football player and about to graduate from high school. Uggh! Abram is 15, my preacher and drummer, and a freshman in high school, and Landree is 11, my singer and in the fifth grade. My husband Wendell and I have been in ministry most of our lives in many different areas. We also own a health insurance company. We have been happily married for 21 years in November. In May of 2011, I lost my daddy to lung cancer – truly one of the hardest things I have ever been through, then a year later in 2012, we lost Wendell’s step dad to prostate cancer. It was hard on us, our kids and our sweet mommas, but God has been so faithful, as always, to sustain us.
This year has brought about many changes in our lives. Some have been wonderful while others have been challenging. Probably one of the biggest changes coming is my oldest son, Jordan, graduating from high school next month. I have been dreading this day since the day he was born. I will not miss the homework, but oh how I miss my son when he goes off to college in July. Jordan is such a blessing to me. He has lived for God every day of his life. He asked Jesus into his heart when he was about five years old and his faith has NEVER waivered. He has stayed strong and is committed to the Lord. He has been an example to everyone he knows whether fellow students, teammates, teachers, coaches, even pastors. He is steadfast and true. He is everything I want to be when I grow up. Hahaha! He has been dating the girl of his dreams almost two years and together these two have kept Jesus first, which is rare these days. They preach purity to their peers. Thank you, Jesus! We are just blessed. Not sure what we ever did to deserve such a gift.
But here we are. Graduation is just around the corner, and I have very mixed emotions. I know God is in control, and I know He will lead Jordan every step of the way. My heart just hurts because I won’t see him every day, and I won’t know what he’s doing all the time. What I didn’t tell you is that my big 6’5”, 300 pound, size 18 shoe wearing MAN-CHILD has never even spent the night away from home, other than grandparents’ houses and church camp. Hahaha! My mom has always called him my Velcro-child. He loves being home and all of his friends love being here too. What are we going to do? Most weekends we have anywhere from 12-20 here swimming, playing ball in the yard, basketball on the court my husband had built in the backyard, watching movies, playing video games, ping pong, you name it -- wall-to-wall teens every weekend. On Sundays, usually three to four carloads roll out of the driveway and caravan over to church where they usually take up two rows of seats.Oh, I would have it any other way.
I am so excited to see what God has for Jordan next, but at the same time, I really wanna hang on to my son. I really dread leaving him at college – letting go and letting God is now taking on a whole different meaning to this momma. Today I ordered his graduation invitations, and I am not happy about it. Please pray for me as we being this next chapter of our lives. Yes, I need your prayers.
Until next time…Blessings!

Stacey Deprang


  1. You did great......You will be so glad that you blogged...I have now posted over 600 posts in 4 years, made so many friends, even met some in person...I will be glad to introduce you to the blog world when you are ready....

  2. Stacey,
    Oh, how I still remember those days. My girls are now married with their own families. How the time does fly.
    It looks to me as if you've done a fabulous job of raising your children. "Find Your Wings" written by Mark Harris in 2005 became a sort of theme song for us. It really speaks to the heart of letting our children find their dreams with the faith of God and your love with them - tissue pleeeeeease.
    You've set him up for a wonderful life, mom. I will pray for you through out he next few weeks.
    God Bless you,
    Cindy Joyner


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