Monday, June 17, 2013

The Journey God Leads You on Can Take You by Surprise by Kellie Perego

If you would have asked me 20 years ago, are you planning to home school your child because for someone who did not complete college, I thought I was inadequate to take on such a task. But when God is in control sometimes He throws a “monkey wrench,” so to speak, in our ideas that we have.
I knew I was in trouble when my son, Parker, was expelled out of two “Christian” pre-schools by Christmas time by the age of four. It was about this time that he was diagnosed with ADHD. He was impulsive, disruptive, and combative mainly because he was bored in those pre-school programs. We were advised to place him in the early childhood program in the public school because they were equipped to handle some behavioral problems better than the private schools. There went my ideas of a private school education. Not to mention learning what ADHD was. A journey in itself.
What God had planned was far more than I could ever imagine. Parker was placed in the Gifted and Talented classes by the end of his first grade year. He went on to complete his elementary school years there without getting expelled once.  God brought many blessings my way when I met my prayer warriors through the Moms In Touch prayer group at the school which I was blessed to lead for five years. The impact that ministry had on the campus was truly amazing. As September 11, 2001, was occurring, I had went up to the school that day, and several of the faculty met me in the parking lot concerned about what was going on. God gave me several opportunities to minister to them all because of the prayer ministry we had there. To have 75 of the faculty join us at See You at the Pole praying for the school was a blessing I will never forget. Many testimonies came out of the prayer ministry there that still has an impact today. After 14 years, my prayer warriors and I still meet occasionally to pray for our children through the college years and as they are meeting their mates for life.
God started dealing with me about home schooling when Parker was in the 5th grade. It took a year of prayer and research for God to convince me and for me to be obedient to what He was calling me to do. After nine years of home schooling, I have learned to be totally dependent on the Holy Spirit’s leading year by year. Each year would be different from the year before as the kids moved into the high school years. I was always amazed at how God would provide the curriculum, the right classes and teachers at the right time when I would feel like I could not teach a certain subject or subjects. He has been faithful until the end.
God continues to be faithful to place my children where they need to be for college and has given me a total peace. Parker will be Junior at LaTourneau University in Longview, and Karlee has graduated a year early, completed her first year of college and will be attending The University of North Texas in the fall.  I give God all the Glory because I know that He took this little mom, who did not think she could accomplish a task as big as home schooling her children, and helped her complete His will for her children’s lives.

The journeys God takes us down may not be anything we could ever imagine. I think of the verse Romans 8:28 that is often quoted by many, “ … He works all things out for our good, for those who are called according to His purpose.” When I would become overwhelmed and the enemy would remind me of my inadequacies I would stand on the verse Philippians 4:13, “ I CAN do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” That verse has carried me through. I may not know why God had me Home School our children or how His plan will unfold in their lives for some time, but I do know that because of Home Schooling, I have a close relationship with my children and with my Lord. That was a journey worth taking.

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