Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Always by Lori Timmons Berry

I do not believe in coincidence.  I believe in the almighty power of God who orchestrates even the finest details of my life.  Last week, I left work at Willis Knighton North and was headed to pick up our daughters from school on Linwood Avenue.  I could clearly see that the weather was deteriorating quickly.  I noticed the dark clouds that were hanging way too low and the mysterious two funnel-shaped clouds that dropped down out of them in the distance.  As I entered I-49 South, Michael called, and I knew I needed to answer the call.  For the first time in 18 plus years of marriage, my meteorologist husband told me not to come home because there was a bad storm with a tornado headed for our house where he was at the time.  He also told me to get to the kids’ school quickly and take shelter with them because this storm was about to get very dangerous very quickly.  I looked to the South once again at the funnel shaped clouds and realized that one was likely headed for my house where I later found out that my husband was in the hallway crouched over our little dog praying for safety, and I realized that the other could possibly be headed for my children.  Needless to say, I was not going the speed limit on I-49 that day.  I really have no idea how fast I was driving, but I do know that I arrived at the school very quickly.  It’s funny how a short drive can seem so long, though.  During that drive, I began to pray that kind of feverish, panicked prayer that we tend to pray when we are in a desperate situation.  I prayed over and over for God to please keep my husband and children safe.  Please keep my husband and children safe!  Please keep my husband and children safe!  Please keep my husband and children safe!  In the midst of my desperate plea, Jesus began singing the chorus of “Always” in my heart.  We had just sung it in choir practice the night before – no coincidence.

            I will not fear the war.
            I will not fear the storm.
            My help is on the way.
            My help is on the way.
            Oh my God, He will not delay!
            My refuge and strength, always!
            I will not fear!
            His promise is true!
            My God will come through, always!

I do not know how many times this went through my heart and mind until I got to school to huddle with the children, but Jesus sang this to my heart over and over until the storm passed. 
            We were so blessed that day.  God spared us, and we were safe!  Not only were we safe, but Jesus had provided strength and peace to my heart during the storm.  No, there are no coincidences - no coincidences at all.  After I got home with the girls, Michael had already left for work.  I called the girls to me and pointed out to them how God had just spared us and kept us safe from a dangerous storm.  I asked them what they thought we should do, and they responded, “Thank Him!”  So the three of us gathered around and thanked Him that we need not fear the storm, that He is our refuge and strength, that His promise is true, and that He will come through…Always!!!

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